Monday, November 12, 2012

Vanessa's got a blog!

Well, I never thought I would see the day where I decided to start a blog.  I have had several people ask me over the past few years if I had ever considered it, and the answer was always an emphatic "NO!"  However, I have realized that I very much enjoy reading some of my other friends' blogs.  I also very much enjoy writing.  I have gleaned a lot of helpful information about parenting, politics, religion, and most importantly cooking!  I love to cook! I love to eat! I love to be challenged in my faith, my politics, and my parenting. So, I finally decided that since I have enjoyed reading so many other blogs, and I needed an outlet for my writing, it was just about time for me to join the conversation by creating a blog of my own.

Why now, you may ask?  Well, I will tell you. . . I was challenged earlier this year by the leader of an upcoming mission team I am on (which will surely be the topic of a stream of blog posts in the coming months) to start keeping a journal.  I have to admit, I have not done a very good job at this.  It all just seemed so 12-year-old-pre-teen-diary to me.  Blogging, however is much more sophisticated.  I mean, it's on a computer that is password protected after all, not a flowery notebook with a gold lock and a key that I put in my secret hiding place under the bed!  So, today begins my attempt at "journaling" with a little more flavor.

Now, I have to warn you:  if you don't appreciate, or understand sarcasm, you will probably not like my blog.  I consider myself bilingual--I am fluent in English and Sarcasm (in no particular order).  Please, be patient with me as I work through some of the technical aspects of blogging.  I do know how to set a VCR (that statement alone should tell you all you need to know about my technical where-with-all), but my iPhone is still a bit overwhelming for me, and our upcoming upgrade to the Dish Hopper (which I can almost assure you will be the topic for a blog post in the future) has me sweating bullets!!

I really do hope that you are able to take away a nugget or two from my blog.  At the very least, I'm pretty sure that if you hang in there with me, you will eventually find a recipe or two that you just have to try!  I am always open to suggestions about food.  I consider the main level of my house a perpetual "test kitchen".  Just send me an idea, and I will probably give it a whirl!  So, here we go. . .

Happy reading!

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