Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 6 of and Anderson Christmas--The Birthday Cake for Jesus

I love cake.  I really like birthdays, too--mostly because I get to eat cake.  I love to make cakes, buy delicious cakes (from Cakes N More or Miss Piggy's specifically), and consume cakes.

It has always perplexed me, that in the US, we celebrate the biggest birthday of the year with. . . pie?  Does that seem strange to anyone else?  Anyway, given my aforementioned predilection for cake, I decided when my kids were really little, that since we had a cake for everyone else's birthday all year 'round, didn't Jesus deserve a cake on his big day too?

So, several years ago we started making simple, poorly decorated birthday cakes every Christmas morning.  I usually let my kids help me decorate them and then we would whip out a loud and off-key version of  "Happy Birthday". 

Fast forward to 2012.  This year, as April was fast approaching, (both my kids' birthdays are in April) my son announced that he wanted cookies for his birthday.  Gasp!  What?  You can't have cookies for your birthday!  It's a birthday!  Let them eat cake!

Then, my daughter, (much to my horror) announced, proudly, that she wanted my homemade cinnamon rolls for her birthday!  Are you kidding me!?!  No!  Let me them eat cake!

After much deliberation, I realized I was not, indeed, Marie Antionette (or any kind of widely recognized Princess, for that matter) and decided to acquiesce to my children's demands.  It was, after all, their birthdays we were talking about (even though I still contend that the mom should get something for the pain and discomfort of each of those historical days, but that is an entirely different topic altogether.)

So, 2012 yielded Angry Bird cookies for my son (yes I made them, and they turned out so awesome I had to put a picture to show them off), as well as my amazing (yep, I'm humble like that) homemade cinnamon rolls for my daughter's big day.


To compound the travesty of the year, when my birthday rolled around, we were actually out of town. I was too stuffed from the amazingly greasy burger and fries to even consider a piece of cake on my big day.  Although, Dave's awesome aunt Susie, knowing how I love yellow cake with chocolate icing, did see fit to make this hilarious "all-things-Disney" cake for me the day after my big day.

November rolled around and Dave decided he wanted my very delicious (if I do say so myself) Egg Nog Cupcakes for his birthday.  So, his was at least some sort of cake product, but still not an actual cake.  They were really delicious, though.

Now we are in December, and while I still like the "idea" of a birthday cake for Jesus, I have to wonder if we should do it at all?  Birthdays have morphed into something so non-traditional that I am unsure of how to proceed this year.  My family just doesn't seem to think that birthday cakes are really all that big of a deal.

So, anticlimactic as it seems, the 6th Anderson Family Christmas tradition may not be long for this world. I do still think a birthday celebration of sorts should be had but I am perplexed as to what this might look like. I still have a few days to decide on this one, but it may, sadly, be a tradition of the past.

I do hope you decide to celebrate the biggest birthday of the year in style--whatever that looks like in your family.  Have a Merry and fun-filled Christmas.  And, I hope you (and I) are still able to convince them to eat cake!


  1. I love cake too...more than anyone in my house! Maybe we should start a new tradition, and have a Jesus birthday cake for me and you. :)

  2. Ha! Love it, Aimee! Sounds good to me!