Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 7 of an Anderson Christmas--Twas the Day Before Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas, when all through the house
The creatures were fighting, causing insanity in my spouse.
School was on break, and the natives were restless
from watching TV, and making big messes
My husband was home to observe all the folly
And I had returned with tortillas and tamales.
The pork loin was roasting on low for the day
While the children were arguing over what game to play.
The chili was thawing on the counter for dinner
When my daughter announced that she was the winner.
My husband was frantically trying to search
For last minute items needed at church.
When all of a sudden there arose such a clatter
My children jumped up to see what was the matter.
The dogs had dug out of their yard yet again
Sending my already crazed husband in a tailspin.
Seems a varmint of sorts had caught their attention
Their shock collars useless as a means of prevention
The kids were both screaming, bad scenarios in their head
Convinced man's best friends would be found later dead.
After what seemed like hours they came home in a funk
No worse for the wear, and no hint of skunk.
Safely returned, to their yard with a gate
My husband announced "We're going to be late!"
We grabbed all our coats,  and scrambled to the car
Not wanting the dogs, our Christmas Eve to mar.
My husband calmed nerves on the 12 mile drive
Where in a Christmas miracle, we arrived right on time.
We found a great seat as the choir started to sing
While my husband took care of "just one more thing".
The lights were turned low as the mood became calm
While the words of King David were read out of Psalm.
We Three Kings, and a somber Silent Night
Were beautifully sang with conviction and might.
A passionate retelling of Christ's birth with sheep
Caused even the crustiest cynic to weep.
The service was ended with a Joy to the World
So loud, that in Canyon the words could be heard.
The candles extinguished, we bid our farewells
And exited the building like a herd of gazelles.
Arriving back at the house, the mood somber and holy
We were met with the smell of tamales and posole.
Plates were prepared with precision and ease
Dinner was done and was sure to please.
The banter was light-hearted and centered on God
I'm sure to most people it would be considered odd.
Our quaint little family, sitting down at a meal
Discussing Christmas traditions 'til we all had our fill.
Table cleared, kitchen cleaned, we gathered by the warm fire
For the end of the day, my husband desired to inspire
Reading from Luke, both children were silent
There was a calm in our house--at least for the moment.
After a prayer and some replay of all of our days
It was time for the finale'--our Christmas Eve P.J.'s!!!
We each had a turn to find out our clothed fate
And were pleased to discover, they were all pretty great!
Snuggled deep in the couch, the fire my husband stoking
Both kids were in giggles, we were all playfully joking.
Reminded that the day is not about ones self
We excitedly settled in for our viewing of Elf.
The scene makes me teary, every time in my mind
So thankful that God had blessed all mankind.
With the gift of His son and so, so much more.
I drift off to sleep without even a snore.


  1. We eat posole on Christmas Eve, too! Must be a New Mexico thing. :)

    1. Ha! I would expect nothing less from my fellow New Mexicans!!!